Impact through rigorous analysis and close collaboration with Senior Management in specific areas of expertise.

Business Strategy

Develop comprehensive, detailed roadmaps for achieving clearly articulated goals. The foundation is a thorough analysis of key external factors and assessment of the organization’s capabilities and performance. Provide hands-on implementation support.

Business Growth

Identify opportunities to grow revenues through new products/services, international markets and/or new channels. Work with the organization to define and roll out all aspects of each initiative—including product offering, target customers, competitive positioning and sales plan.


Translate ideas and concepts into business plans with viable business models and achievable financial targets. Manage continuous expansion and refinement of initial blueprint across all aspects of the business. Partner with the organization on rollout and launch.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Provide a full range of services as required by the client, including specification of target criteria, target identification, approach, analysis, due diligence, deal pricing and structure.


Manage all aspects of debt and/or equity financing, including creation of offering memoranda, identification of potential funding sources and completion of the funding cycle.


Lead initiatives/taskforces for Cost Reduction, Quality Improvement and Operations Optimization. Particular focus on development of measurable and actionable quality metrics.

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